CNBR Sunday 13th September depart at 08:00

CNBR sponsored by Made in Chelsea. Weather isn’t looking too sketchy so time to hit the road.

Meet at the Watford Dome Roundabout for an 08:00 sharp departure.,-0.3916225,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

Usual drill, don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film, do observe proper rideout etiquette.

This ride is not suitable for 125s.

It will be a spirited ride. This video captures the ambience.

Would love to Joby, work tomorrow:-(. Enjoy

See you at Dome. Unless weather will change drastically.

Fantastic run and good to see you Eddie. I think it was a variation of the usual route, I think it was created from a track where I lost everyone and found them again hence the original parts. I’d also say credit to Rusty because leading is not easy, even with satnav instructions there is a lot more to think about than just following the bike in front. Till next time.

It was great seeing you Joby. Pace was good, so was the route. It was a blast especially on the way back when it got warmer :slight_smile: BTW that biker overtaking on the opposite side of the road which nearly took us out was a bit unexpected :confused:

Oh that yeah, I came over the hill to see him mid way through passing a truck. Really had to back off to give him room. Hopefully he’ll learn from that.

Glad you boys had fun. Have been looking at two new routes which I will role out on a dry day soon.

Will be waiting impatiently :)))