CNBR Sun 16/08/2015

Leaving Shell dome roundabout at 08:00 prompt, heading for Chipping Norton for grub around 09:45ish

Back in time for the MotoGP

Not for us this week we will be in Wales.

Have fun you two

Could be up for this.

You and me son, no cheeky comments Ang !

may be if the gear box is back in the car by Saturday night. you calling in at Brackley bike fest on the way home ?

Not intentionally as want to watch the MotoGP

Early run back for Moto GP sounds good, see you in the morning…

See you tmr guys. With fresh rubber this time :slight_smile:

I’m in for this one. I’ll be on a red FZ1. See you there tomorrow!

don’t think I will get out on the bike today, but may time a trip to the parts suppliers for a quick coffee.

Great run, cheers all, now Moto GP time, perfect Sunday! Peeled off as I didn’t fancy the North circ…

Cheers chaps, thanks for the laughs Frank. Now how to get my missus to stop watching bloody horse jumping !!!

Cheers rusty! Great ride out. It’s so nice when there’s no traffic. Well worth getting up for. 8 bikes dry roads and spirited pace. Niiiice! And I never had to shake my head at rusty’ riding once. He’s coming along nicely!!! Lol. :smile:

Great run, thank you all, great way to start a Sunday and definitely worth getting up early for. Have a great rest of the day!!

Great ride today. It was good to get the old track bike out.

Thank you guys, it was really good ride out. Great pace and not too crowded roads. Thanks again Russ for leading. Mark loved your flames from exhaust :slight_smile:

Fantastic run in ideal conditions. There wasn’t even much traffic on the way home. Time to head out for a coffee and watch the world go by I think.

Glad you all enjoyed yourselves

Yep. Good run, stone chippings removed, and looks like some going down in the coming week.

Good breakfast, great company.