CNBR Sun 12th April

So since it seems still too cold for the Rev JR :stuck_out_tongue: and not much else going on I will be running a trip to the Old Mill.

Will be leaving the Shell Petrol Station Dome roundabout Watford 08:00 heading for Chipping Norton for breakfast around 10ish according to the route.

Depending on who turns up, will set the pace.

Might come out to prey. :slight_smile:

You have a lot of penance to pay my son :smiley:

Wrong sort of penance, I like to prey not pray. :smiley:

You are wrong on so many levels :smiley:

I’m in, with both bikes :smiley:

What time will you be at CN :slight_smile:

Go on TDJ spoil yourself, you know you wants to

See you at 10ish then. :smiley:

I have the healthy option…scrambled eggs on toast now since I saw a program where they show you the fat swirling around a blood sample after a fry up :sick:

Change of plan, meet you at CN… Fancy a lay in…

I’m in :slight_smile:

Change of plan, can’t sleep so meet you at the dome for 8 :smiley:

What a beautiful morning, need some expresso’s, see you when they have kicked in :smiley:

Russ thank you for navigating, great roads as ever. It was nice seeing all of you guys.

Nice being out with the early morning bird chorus:) thanks Rusty.

Think I may have a damaged rib its still killing me :crying:

Glad you all enjoyed the quiet roads at that time of the morning, hope your rib’s ok Ang :frowning: that road was a little bumpy.

Thanks Russ, nice to see you all, seemed strange being over taken by my R1 :smiley: Andy enjoyed it… Hope the rib is not too bad Ang…