Clutch problems??

I recently have noticed a “crunching” sound when shifting gears from 1st to 2nd (especially high in the rev range) and I sometimes get stuck in Neutral and cant sift up or down unless i release the clutch lever and/or twist the throttle abit.

I thought it might be that the clutch doesnt engage completly and so I adjested the clutch cable so that it “pulls” more but this hasnt helped much.

What could this be? what are my options?


It does sound like the clutch is dragging (ie. It’s not disengaging enough)

What bike is it?

a CBF600SA

what will happen if i adjust the cluth cable more so there is little/no free play?

will that fix it?

Have you checked the chain tension?

If the chain’s too tight or too loose it can cause shifting problems like this.

I had the same problem. Replace clutch plates. It will help.

Call this guy, he will help. Londonmoto 07946019557

yeah: looked normal,

but since i had new tyres put on today i guess i should check that again…

Chain is a possibility but unlikely to get you stuck in neutral

13.000 miles is little for clutch change no?

also how far should the clutch move? i.e the red box

in my case it moves about a 1,5-2 cm

Too little, not necessarily. It’s depend how you use it.

well just got it so I havent put the 13.000 miles on it…

also should mention that the noise/problem(?) is only between 1st/N/2nd gear not 2nd/3rd 3rd/4th etc

Clutch release mechanism maybe. Like I mention before I had the same problem. I’ve changed clutch release mechanism, adjust it properly.

Thanks Pavel,

Ill gert someone to look at it…

If its a worm and push rod mechanism it just needs adjustment of the grub screw that acts on the end of the push rod. A 2 minute job.

  1. Loosen the lock nut

  2. Screw in the grub screw until it touched the end ob the push rod.

  3. Back the grubscrew off 1/4 turn.

  4. Tighten the lock nut.

Job done