clutch (cable?) minor issue really

It’s really stiff, no matter how much i keep lubing with wd40 / oil products.

But the main thing is the biting point is quite harsh, so clutch doesn’t engage for a bit, then suddenly almost fully engaged. So it there are a way of making it any smoother? Is it a new cable entirely?

I could only find bits about adjusting the freeplay via the adjusters at the lever and top of clutchbox, but this doesn’t really address my problem

any info appreciated!

i would take the cable off at the bottom and see how freely the cable moves then adjust from the bottom and fine tune with the top. might be a problem with the clutch if its not the cable

cool will give that a go. I suppose im looking for the cable to be moving freely at the bottom. I thought the adjusters just adjusted the freeplay, but maybe somethings going with mine and not adjusting the ‘width’ of the biting point


Check to make sure your bike doesn’t have a nylon sleeved self lubricating clutch cable. If it has and you have oiled it the nylon has swollen and the cable is landfill:)

You can adjust the biting point by the grub screw and locknut on the end of the clutch push rod:)

i dont think so, it looks like it hasn’t been changed in years, maybe its the original from '97.

thanks for the help! will check it out

Sounds like the nylon sleeve has deteriorated, or has completly gunked up, replace with a genuine item :smiley: