Clothing stores in Kent

Anyone know of any decent stores in Kent that do biking gear for women? My Dad has just bought :ermm: a Fatboy and is looking to kit Mum up with gear…have managed to steer him away from the full-on Harley advertising clothing :sick: and am hoping she will go for armoured textile!

Not sure on bike shops in Kent as only know ones in NW London and Herts…any recommendations please?

And hope this doesn’t get moved by the Mods if I’ve put it in the wrong place, need suggestions asap as want to get her out spending Dads money this wkend!

there is a Hein Gericke in Maidstone i think:

Either Hein Gericke or Aye Gee in Welling, plus 21st Moto, swanley have a small ladies section.

NO NO NO , stay away from these mainstream shops, Girlsbike 2 is the place to go, they sell biking clothes for women only, cut and shaped to fit women, tall, fat, peachy, short, round, pear shaped etc.

They have a website and a shop in Dorking and shops across the UK, they also attend all the main shows, very very helpful, nothing to much trouble and they sell some great looking kit.

Only been around a few years, Mrs CPFC would,nt go anywhere else, the next best thing to custom made clothing.

If they read this I want a bloody huge discount next time we go shopping.

aha yes, i have noticed a lot of posts about that place, might take the missus there when i feel up to taking a pillion :slight_smile: