Clothes Shopping Hell

I think I may start a campaign to get clothes shops to sell jeans in sizes that actually fit me!! Went shopping yesterday, needed some cheapo jeans, nothing flash. And could I find anything that fitted for under £40? Hell no. Tried so many places, not one pair my size.:angry:

Either my trouser size (34" / 34") is incredibly common & I just get to the shops too late as everyone has snapped them up, or I am the worlds oddest shape. Even my bike trousers are XXL, great for the length, bunched up like crazy round the waist, makes me look like a mentalist.

It’s literally pain in the ar$e mate! I’m the same size and usually I’m just able to pick a pair of 15 I’ve tried. Hard to find anything cheapish though.

34/34 is a very common size! tis me as well…

you try buying jeans in a 42 waist and 30 leg!!! :smiley:

bloody stick insects !!! eat more pies and join the fatboys :smiley:

Yes, but usually I don’t like colour, style, quality or simply they’re not comfy :smiley:

I have trouble finding 34" waist and 30" leg trousers.

who ya buying them for then …westy ? :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you trying to say about my size.

Get to m+s they stock every flippin size in trousers! Oooh and if you want some jeans go for the blue harbour jeans that have elastine in them GOD THEY LOOK SO GOOD!:smiley: they make any man sexy!:w00t::wink:

Went there, they had nowt.