Just thought I’d give you all a heads up. :slight_smile:

I’ve just got home to find a leaflet on my doormat. Up to 75% off!
Pretty good little shop, with a decent amount of gear last time I was in there.


SATURDAY FROM 9am… :smiley:


So, might be a few bargains to be had! :cool:

Thats a shame, seemed a decent shop. I will try to check it out as I nearly bought a new lid there a couple of weeks back.

I’ll go check that out. Looking to get some gear.

the same through my door, was gonna post the same thing

They went into administration about 6 months ago - I didn’t realise the Leytonstone branch had opened again, albeit it briefly by the looks of things.

I lost just under £100 of stuff that was on order when they went into admin :angry:

Shame that whoever took it over couldn’t rescue it for good.

i’ll be there, don’t go into the bike shop across the road tho, bunch of cons in there

Is there a website to order on line?

The website was down when I looked yesterday. Just click on the address in the original post and it should open the website.

If they’ve gone down once and people have lost money with online orders , would it not be better to go cash ?

Damn! This was the place where I always got all my gear.

Did you pay by credit card?

Sadly, no. I bought a pair of gloves with a debit card, but they were the wrong size so returned them for store credit (they wouldn’t give a refund). I had a bunch of stuff on order using the store credit when they went under.

Spent a few months trying to get something back, but gave up in the end.

The Rivetts over this side of the city (Chiswick) was apparently bought out by Infinity. I was in there a few months back asking them to price match with Infinity, the guy said that shouldn’t be a problem now!

Surprised if that hasn’t happened to this store too.

Got myself a nice pair of blue and white leathers this morning , I got there at 9 this morning within a matter of half hour of shop opening it was packed lol , to be honest I think they shipped a lot of the good stuff to other stores before the sale took place ah well still got a good bargin , anyone else go today?

I was going to head there later today, wonder if there’ll be anything left.

lol hmmm if you live local then go for it worth a look if it’s a closing down sale hey :smiley:

Live south London, was going just to check out the sale, was there much there?

Yeah there was mate , best thing to do is ring there store the number is 020 8534 1304 , just give them a buzz and ask whether it’s worth coming down and asking how long the sale is gana last for :smiley:

Ye i was there and got meself a frank thomas jacket (still can’t beleave the price) , i’ve never seen that shop so busy, shame they are going :frowning:

Urgggh I nearly went a couple of times but kept changing my mind…deals or not I didnt really need anything. Kinda wish I’d gone now though lol