Click Heat

Well guys this might of been mentioned before but if not then I’ll mention it , riding to work this morning hands were hurting so bad even with heated handlebars shouting swearwords whole way to work lol , got to work and used something which looked like a liquid capsul you would put in the washing machine , the difference is this thing warms up your hands for a good 20 minutes and it is really hot , this is the site to give you a idea of what they do , hope this is a help to you guys who have freezing cold hands , my mum actually picked up some of these from lakeside i think she got 3 hand warmers for 10 quid and it can be reused over and over

It’s initially a liquid and theres a small rounded piece of metal inside the capsul you click and theres a chemical reaction causing it to go from liquid to solid making it hot straight away , once it’s gone cold after 20 minutes , to reuse , heat it up in saucepan make sure there is cloth at bottom of saucepan wait for it to go clear back into liquid then take it out to cool down , if it’s still hard afterwards put it back in saucepan and boil .

Hope thats clear enough to you guys :cool:

tesco about £3 for two (normally in camping gear )

I love those things!

they are most wonderful I have to agree :slight_smile:

Some blokes were giving them out at the Ace last winter, advertising BP ultimate fuel or something, think i managed to get about 4 of them, they certainly come in handy :smiley:

Not a chemical reaction. Basically the liquid is supercooled, it is energetically unstable. When you click the metal disc it causes micro cracks on the metal enough to cause the liquid to crystallize.

As a liquid has more energy than a solid the energy to crystallise if given out as heat.

It is usually some thiosulphate chemical.

But they are fantastic. Have nearly a dozen.

So really you mean they just work by magic? :D:D


i have a couple, i intended to use em for fishing, never have!

best cure for cold hands…is a cold running water, stops the burning;)

I have some, won in the lb Christmas raffle. :smiley:

I won some too, nice little heart shape ones, very good :slight_smile:

I got my Mum some a few years ago £1 in Lidl or Aldi, can’t remember which one

Thank the lord for LIDL! :wink:

I have 2 of them myself… Great things!

Cant recommend them enough… :smiley: