clerkenwell/holbon drinks possie

ok, who is up for this then?

Dawn you around?

Jamie you should try and make this one

cheeky you gonna be there…

lunch time drinks, need to arrange a midway point if everyone is up for it let me know…

just feel some catching up is needed

I might be up for this if Im invited? City rather than Holborn or Clerkenwell but still close? :slight_smile:

Karl, yep up for this

You up for pie and mash on Wednesday?


I’ve put it in the diary. Just let me know where.


Anymore details on this yet?


Busy day and don’t get on here much at the weekend…

ok I’m thinking either same place at the bottom of leather lane everyone else ok with that?

Sneaky I know you pretty close, and Jamie I can meet you and walk down together if you want.

if that is going to be an issue with anyone let me know.

Same place as before is fine with me, I have also invited Alex, as he is up by Chancery Lane station

What date?

sorry thought I’d put this friday so date will be

friday 5th of july, at the bottom of leather lane.

if everyone can post up best time we will see what we can arrange. will confirm the name of the place as I cannot remember off the top of my head

Anytime for me, but if we make it later then I maybe able to take the rest of the afternoon off!

But go with majority

Ok i can do anytime from 1.30ish pm onwards:D

there is always one late arrival!!

Thought it was this Friday 5th June, think 5th July is a Sunday??

5th of June I hope as that is when I am going, just need to know what time everyone is meeting

ooops ok then we will make it the 5th of june then…

so far I’m looking at 12:30-1pm as 1:30 is to late for me as I’m on my own on fridays so need to be back by 2pm.

12.30 it is then. See you there


might not make it…:w00t:

CC that’s a shame, will have to catch up later