Clarkson in 'Clarkson is right' shocker

Hot off the press, a survey has found that male drivers are often distracted by women in short skirts!

Who’d have thought it…

Male road accidents soar in summer

I once was looking at a woman and when I looked back the car in front had stopped. I had to go on the pavemnt to avoid hitting the car in front.

one of the more embarassing moments

Been there. Done that. Fortunately I was on a bicycle but was still doing about 20 - 25mph. Straight into a parked car. :w00t:

I’ve lost two passenger side car wing mirrors in the past due to width restriction barrier/pretty girl combination at the same damned width barrier.

Don’t use that route anymore in the summer. Too exp[ensive.

I hit a black cab up the arse once due to some nice lady in nice very short skirt and top. I was looking and didn’t notice the cab had stopped.

This just goes to prove, Clarkson should become the transport minister!!! :wink:

hit a previa in bethnal green road doing this :doze:

I’ve long had this theory that if the country is ever again taken over by right wing christian fundamentalists, instead of witch dunking, they’ll stick a bloke on a motorbike on a hot sunny Sunday & make him ride it from Chalk Farm all the way through Camden. Anyone who manages to survive it in one piece they’ll then burn at the stake for being gay. :hehe:

Good post Pat

Man/women after my own heart. Pragmatic and cynical. What a winning combination.

(Well, it gets my vote. Didn’t work so well in my last job, but hey ho.)

I must say I have never been distracted by the sight of a bloke in a short skirt, or even a fit looking geezer in a bikini …particularly in the UK …:stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could say +1 to this but I can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

…just looking for my bikini…

lol - but is it Hels or Mr C you are looking to impress :w00t:

My GF came to my house one day telling me that there was a crash at Oval station.
A guy in a BMW was staring at her and he shunted the car in front of him and then the hit car also hit the next car in front.
The driver in the car behind the BMW said it was my girls fault lol.

She wasn’t wearing a short skirt. She’s not that type of gal.

A10 past liverpool street station is bad for the totty around 5pm too

I’m amazed you have time to look … I avoid Bishopsgate like the plague between 4pm and 8pm … hundreds of people crossing the road diagonally while tapping out emails on their BlackBerry

Don’t mind really, never met either of them :hehe:

I’ve had a few near rear end shunts due to looking at rear ends :Wow: