City of London Police Anti-Bike Theft Campaign and Survey

Good to see City of London police are carrying out a campaign to reduce bike theft:

Main web page here.

Online survey here.

Leaflet here - including details on getting discounted Datatagging done on 30 April and 1 May, 10am to 6pm, Finsbury Circus.

Another leaflet here.

Not sure i’d want to put all them details into a survey monkey form!!
Looks like it’ll create a nice shopping list of what bikes and where they are parked and when/how long.

You don’t have to put all those details. Mandatory questions have * next to them. How datatag will stop those thefts? They’d better put ground anchors in all bike bays.

I never park my bike in the City of London but I very much hope that all those who do, complete the mandatory parts of the form, especially the bit about ground anchors.

I just wish the Met Police were as proactive as this.

as said, dont put your details but just answer the mandatory questions.

i think its a good thing they are trying to do something, we always complaint we have no support from police so there you are.

Thank you… as mentioned… we often get very little support and here is one police force trying to help us all so I have filled in that questionnaire even though I’m not often in the City.

I suspect this is over now, I filled the survey in when I saw this post and got an email last month saying I had won a lock & chain as a result.
Not bad for a few second’s work.

I don’t take my bike into central London because there are no ground anchors or securing points.

Some bays have anchors or specific railing to chain to. Around Lincoln’s Inn Fields they have some. By granted this is more the exception than the rule.

Museum Street near the British Museum has them too. A stones throw away on Barter Street near the Infinity shop ,… theres a bay with them too.

And Old Street by the Argos has some good ones.

As mentioned, they are the exception rather than the rule!

I think I know the bay you are refering to just up the road from South Ken station? The is another bay about 100m down that has no anchors on the same road? Different councils maybe? I know Queens Gate (behind Science and Natural History museums) has 2 boroughs governing the one road - different rules too.

Oh no, ScM is nowhere near BM… ignore me…

So does anyone have Datatag and is it worth having in your opinion for £55?

The problem as I see it is this: who bothers to check second-hand parts they buy off ebay or elsewhere?

wow thread back from the dead

I got datatag on my bike, can’t remember if it was included or if I decided it was worth £50 just to have a chance that anyone nicking the bike might stand a chance of getting caught - I don’t expect it makes a blind bit of difference to the chances of it getting nicked in the first place.

datatag came free with my bike. 

As stated it won’t make much difference in deterring a theft as such. But, can help plod build a strong prosecution case against thieves by proving that a bike or part found in their possession is stolen. Which in the long term may help reduce thefts.