Ciao! Italian biker in London :-)

Ciao everyone,
My name is Eugi and I am honoured to have become a member of this group - it sounds awesome and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.
I have always been an MV Agusta rider - since my youth, when I used to secretly ride my dad’s vintage MV 350.
In Italy I have owned a Brutale 910R, now I ride a Brutale Starfighter here in London.


Update: I still have my old Vespas in Italy, they’re really good fun to drive especially in the traffic :slight_smile: I live in Clapham and I am keen to meet bikers in South West London !

Welcome to LB…!

Sounds like you are a born biker riding your dads MV in secret… :smiley:

Brutale Starfighter sounds awesome…I would definately ride it in secret if my dad had one - but problem would be the noise… :smiley:

Welcome / Ciao to the LB family.

Welcome to the world of lost London Bikers


Haha, that’s what they say :wink:

Hi and welcome.

Another biker in the durtay South :smiley:

Currently the tango’d bikers from Essex seem to be infesting LB…


I have no Tan ill have you know

Ciao e benvenuto :slight_smile:


Grazie :smiley:

Ciao and welcome, nice bike… :cool: