…you bloody hooligan…!! There was a speed trap there this morn when I went out…you lucky lucky git…

tell him tonight Barry!! hope you didn’t get caught.

“tell him tonight Barry”…do you know something I don’t then?? I have no plans…

Barry, he means come to Cubana to meet us all! Details here:

See you there!

Ended up at the Anchor. Swung by Boxhill first off and saw a bunch of forum members there. Had a good ride out for the eve…

Ah, so you did realise it was me. Humblest apologies for scaring something out of you. I take it the speed trap was along the up and down section running past the training run, roughly where that piggy bank camera used to be?

Rumbled chuff

I await the NIP from the camera on the way to the Cubana last night (the clapham common bike on the pavement camera LOL)

Other than your pavement antics and some flashing white lights it was not a bad little run up mate. looking forward to the next jaunt. perhaps a small run out in the countryside is in order

Was great, just what the Dr ordered, cheers

Did wonder initially…but it drop into place when you passed me. I wasn’t taking any chances with the plod and their hairdryer.

Its that time of year round that way. Heavy police presence due to the racing. Best avoided for a few days. They often used to have the trap at the church on the road that goes from Tattenham Corner up to the traffic lights at Burgh Heath, never seen one other than the scamera down the road I passed you on.