chuffing stupid!!

have a look in the bike section! and on the first page there is 3 bikes for sale that do not belong to the actual authors of the threads!

but today when i posted a mates bike up for sale the thread gets deleted??? and the reason! cos the rules need to be enforced, but still on the first page in the bikes for sale section there are 3seperate bikes being advertised on behalf of mates!

also i have had a thread deleted for avoiding the swear monitor thing or for being slightly offensive toward one person that got deleted?? but that person can have a pop at mumg1 whenever he feels the need and not a thing gets done!! said person even posted the day after mine was deleted saying “westie shut your mouth, havnt you got a dick to put in it” but that post seems to be acceptable!!!

LB is starting to take the ******* **** i think!:angry:

I have to say mate that if you look at the top sticky post in there the reason is pretty clear.

However I do accept that as we can’t be all seeing sometimes things slip through - indeed there’s been times where other members have had posts removed after a couple of days - sometimes weeks as we’ve found them. It’s not an ideal situation to be honest and it’s something we need to be better at as it’s clear that it can cause upset if the perception is that we don’t apply the rule with consistancy. I would say to all though that you can play your part by not posting things for sale that you don’t own in the first place and secondly if people see something then please report it.

As far the other point / question I think you’re mixing up banter, personal attacks and general comments. These are tough calls to make as one man’s meat is another man’s poison. We see this quite a lot and have to take ‘a view’ on a lot of the posts on these boards. However as a general rule if there is direct remark i.e oi so and so you are a **** then we’d normally get rid - assuming we see it of course. If there is no direct reference to a person then it’s not a personal attack.

At the end of the day there is a means of reporting posts that you are not happy with and people who have done this will see how we deal with such posts. I’d stress this again now. If people see a post they think is out of order it should be reported - please don’t assume it’s been seen as the amount of posts per day on here means we can’t see them all.



Looking at the title of thiw topic i thought you were talking about yourself.:stuck_out_tongue:

i thought the same john,lol

as an outsider i think you two need to chill out, as for modding and maybe over modding which ive never seen on here before please dont spoil it,

POT, KETTLE, BLACK springs to mind johnyfon!

In all fairness, I wasn’t happy with the response when I reported a thread in the correct manner, which is why I stopped being a staff member myself.

That said, I’m still here because I’ve met loads of great people here. Unfortunately, you can’t please all the people all of the time but some people do seem to get away with a lot more than others.

Hmmm… Thanks for that Sherrie :wink:

Agreed, you most certainly cannot please everyone all the time. We are a bike community which is run by bikers. We are trying to make LB a friendly place to visit, not somewhere where people can wash their dirty laundry or start a fight.

If you have any issues with any posts on this forum, then report it to a Mod, that’s what we are here for. We may or may not agree with you, but there are enough of us to make an informed decision.

Maybe it wouldnt hurt, if something is bothering us, to contact a Mod first and ask which would be the better way of writing it down on the forum, before we do it?..get what i mean?

Believe me, ive had my share of times when ive said something i shouldnt and have been rapped for it…even had posts deleted and locked !!..But spose if we said, “look such and such person has said something on here that i dont like and im gonna answer it in such and such a way” they would leave it and not delete?..but then…if something peed me off enough…cant REALLY in all honesty, say that i would do that before replying on here first either, and guess it kinda takes away the right to “free speech” …hmm dunno but guess you cant please everyone all the time…the person you refer to is a numbnut sometimes anyway but harmless with it !!! guess its all those peanut butter sandwiches his missus gives him…:wink:

All forums have this problem. Modding and admin duties suck and you have to be seen to be neautral, but even when you are, you still get toys being thrown outta the pram. :slight_smile:

I know what he was saying… coz I had wondered if that was the norm here… hense my less restrained posts. We are all grown ups here (allegedly) and are supposed to behave accordingly… whatever forum you goto, there is always someone who speaks more freely than others would like and it upsets some. And the online community is way too free with their opinions, I’d like to see them say it in person - they wouldn’t cos they are braver behind a keyboard aren’t they :smiley: Not aimed at LB but other forums I’ve been on (like PN :crazy: )

If someone pisses you off - tell them and then tell a mod.

We’d rather it was the other way round actually :wink:

i prefer it if people didnt try to **** each other off just state your views and leave the personal irrelevant comments out of it…its easy to do…

But on the other hand no on ever seems to take heed of that famous old rythme, sticks and stones…

Name calling and stupid comments on a forum are just that…I know we can say some offensive things at times but a simple, ‘hey dudes or dudeses, before anyone says anything’ thats really offensive…can we tone it down should work, …I think they will get a lot of support on here as most people, adamh included are damn decent chaps, or at least those I have met and spoken to seem okay to me…

You all smell and thats the end of it. :rolleyes:

Group hug!! :cool:

ah so sweet…:smiley:

… and not at all fluffy :wink:

runs off quickly* :smiley:

reporting to mods just doesnt seem to work!!! remember the turnip issue!!! worked a chuffing TREAT on that case didnt it:Whistling::pinch:

read my actual first post, and it is aiming to bring to light that a certain member can get away with having sly pops at gina for no reason at all, and gets away with it!! ok, the member doesnt name her in the posts but you have to be ******* idiot to not realise it!!!:crazy:

Making a report doesn’t make you right or that we will agree with you all the time. It just means you make the report and we consider what you say and we look at all sides. In this case we didn’t agree with you - Put simply as there was no direct link made there was no personal attack - Unlike your ‘response’ where you named the person and then applied an unflattering term.

Turnip was dealt with as far as I remember - although it’s a while ago now but as with all issues like this we don’t publicise what we do about it - yes those posts were out of order but from memory I don’t think we ever found out who made them - and we can’t just react to assumptions and they did stop.

Maybe the open forum isn’t the best place to sort this out and any issues you have with others are best sorted in private.

I’m sorry this has meant you getting heated about things and we’ve not been able to sort this out. However put simply there are no favourites on here and I think the person you refer to has indeed been suspended and moderated on many occasions in the past.

However if that’s your view that’s your view and nothing I say will change that so best to agree to disagree on this.