Christmas present list.

Time for candid or candied revalations, who is your secret LB fantasy man or woman? :blush:

Not joining, except to say it would be female of the specy.

And not one that said “Bahh”.

Sound like a sheepish reply:D

The ones (zeros?) that need to know know. Nuff said. I’m in avoidance mode…

That said, there are some great folk here that I’m privileged to know and call friends, and some I wouldn’t mind (read ‘relish’)cuddling for a few hours on a cold night. But thank Deity my lusting days are over - they were fun while they lasted though. :wink:

I leave the field open to the younger male monkeys…

you must be mad!!

one cant divulge such info I am not cad

Here He is



He looks a proper Charlie;):smiley:

My love for chunks cannot be held back any longer. And they dont call him that for his fine male torso either.

mwahh :hehe: