Christmas Party 2020

Morning Peeps!
Just in relation to xmas party events, I’m bowing out of organising this year.
I just don’t think it’s viable to go anywhere and more importantly I feel it would be pretty daft to put a load of us together since we are still in the middle of a pandemic.
I pondered myself on organising a rideout but given the weather being unpredictable at the time of year I don’t want to commit myself to going on one as well as Covid issues with it.
Sorry guys, I just don’t feel right doing it this year.
I’m keen as always to continue with Xmas events in the future.
Stay well & ride safe :kissing_heart:


Totally understandable given the situation and the uncertainty. A post christmas rideout might be in order, and perhaps a gathering for drinks somewhere closer to Christmas.

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Hi Claire,

Hope you guys are keeping well!
totally agree on postponing (albiet I have never actually come to one!!)

Yup this year is a bit of a weird one and there’s no way of predicting what Xmas will look like! I hear Santa just upgraded his Zoom subscription.

Having attended one two years ago it was great and look forward to next one, be it 2021 or later :slight_smile:

That’s a shame but it’s the way it has to be. Work told us it’ll be 2021 before we are back in the office and we are a “work from work,” company. Every single party, overseas jolly and conference (the only things I like about my job) has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Just got to get through it I guess.

Thanks for all your efforts Clair. The Christmas party was definitely the highlight of my social calendar over the holiday season.

Great shame but totally understand Claire.