Christmas dinner. An alternative?

O.K. This year there is just me, Mrs. O and Daughter 1 for the festive day dinner. (About time D1 left home!)

Now I can’t abide turkey and want a goose. (Don’t we all?). Mrs O refuses to cook goose. (She’s never eaten it but “doesn’t think she’d like it”.) D1 simply doesn’t like roast dinners or Christmas pudding. So easy decision then.

So we all sat down last night to discuss this and D1 and I (and Mrs. O, sort, of) agreed on home made Thai red prawn curry, aromatic saffron rice and stuff.

So the problem is what “stuff”? Remember this is a special day so no cost limits.

Were all pretty easy going and happy with fusion so it doesn’t have to be Thai “stuff”. Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, who cares? Just has to meld well with the main bit.

Suggestion please.

(Oh. Pudding is sort of arranged, if a little odd, and the whole thing will end with cheeses and nuts and port. A man must maintain traditions.)


And I though children where the alternative meal for christmas. :blink:

Deviled eggs with a wafer of truffle to top em off .

I am also with this , dump the prawns and use lobby instead .

Not sure, we’ll think about it but it all sounds pretty good so far -got room for two more??
(but agree with above lobster comments)

And don’t forget to round it all of with a nice “wather” thin mint…

I agree with lobster, but don’t stick it in the curry, have it as a starter, cooked just perfect and dress it with a light chillie and coriander mayonaise (home made with loads of lemon).

I’d also have some canapes to wash down with a good bottle of prosceco or champagne if you must. Thinking of some very rich pate on crispy toast (goose liver if you don’t have morals), a dozen of oysters to share, with some chillie vinegar, make some gravad lax (pickled salmon), it’s easy to make, and serve with thin toasted white bread with good butter and some raw chalottes on top. Some butterflies king prawns grilled and served with a garlicy mayo. That way you can start mid afternoon and go on feasting till midnight.

Me I’ll have the anual danish Christmas tradition, not to be messed with apparently, of duck, stuffed apples, roast pork, caramelized potatoes and red cabage followed by rid a l’amande (posh rice pudding) with cherries. All good, but I think I’d rather have a place at the old guys family feast this year

Sounds good in theory and I’m not the biggest fan of roast dinners but it wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey and all the trimmings :ermm:

uuuuummmmm lobster!!!

Umm, Driesie become our personal chef when we are rich, please :smiley:

I know a place where you can buy a Reindeer joint…

anything would be better than turkey… well apart from tofu

Talking of Lobsters, saw this in a bar during a recent trip to the US. It’s just like one of those stuffed toy cranes you get in arcades :slight_smile:

You B*stards!

Just when I’m thinking I’ve sort of got this sort of cracked, you lot start talking about lobsters, oysters, gravadlax and driesie wades in with the traditional Danish fare. I’ve eaten that. It’s good.

Then I remembered the Irish family I spent Christmas day with who hated turkey. We had roll mops with onions, sliced apple, gherkins and pickled cabbage as a starter with boiled bacon, peas pudding, boiled onions and fried cabbage and potatoes, washed down with stout and huge political arguments over the table as a side dish, to the main. Pudding was bottled mixed fruits, cream and a bottle of single malt.

Ignore the above. I still need “stuff”.

Jetstream. No. I don’t have a big enough stock of decent reds to keep the two of us going.