christmas cards

does anybody know if you can get biker related christmas cards??

ones that dont say ‘merry christmas from …’ your insurance company or bike dealer?

or have i just given jay a good idea fro next year


If you have a favourite biking photo you can go to and they will print them into cards for you:)

I don’t send any. Total waste of time and money. You can say “Happy Christmas” to your friends and family you meet in person, and phone the others. They are just a money-making exercise, I put them in the same class as speed cameras.

Try this mob as you can design your own too.

these guys do

this is my fave :slight_smile:

oo and this one

Ill be buying Hems Charity cards this year thou… :wink:

Well said Jim…

Image posted is not ours. We actually like ours a little better! See Below. Thanks!!!

Yeah Photobox is somewhere I spend a fair amount of time and money these days, and just yesterday I looked at their DIY card facility and wondered whether anyone would be interested.

I’ll mention it to Jay and perhaps it’s somewhere for us to release the pics we take for the site. They do calendars, mugs, all sorts.

But I don’t think we have any that could be even remotely described as Christmas related hehe.

Perhaps some shots of salt encrusted downpipes and rusty chains would do it? LoL

Bah humbug Jim! :smiley:

I cleverly combine charitable donation with crimbo wishes. Don’t buy a box of 10 form Hallmark. IN Covent Garden there’s a special charity card shop. A pack of 10 cards costs 3-5 depending on the work, and the money doesn’t go to Hallmark shareholders, it goes to whichever charity is ont eh outside of the packet you bought. Everything from Cancer, to homeless charities, to under-privilidged children. Nothing for LAA unfortunately, but all good causes and moeny making for a positive reason rather than more champagne and Porsches for share-holding scum!

I give direct to the charities I support.I HATE writing, so Christmas cards sent by me (if I did) wouldn’t contain any extra info. So what would be the point?

Those who I know would far rather talk in person than have a card sent, probably signed-off by a pissed-off SO rather than written in sincerity.

So I decide NOT to send send any, and I discourage my friends from sending me any. It’s not as if they’d go anywhere than straight into some recycling bin.

I’m with Jim - I think cards are a waste of money. What’s the point in paying £x for a bit of cardboard to stick on the window sill for a couple of days and then chuck in the recycling/bin.

One could equally well argue what’s the point in spending thousands of pounds on a bike which will do 180mph when it’s rarely if ever possible to realise its potential.

Jimc (to me) justifies his point-of-view although we disagree and he is gracious enough not to Knock me personaly for mine.

A message for the Solstice:

"May the days grow longer and the crops grow higher.

All Hail, new-born Sun!"

P.S. In spite of what you say, Jim, the Winter Solstice card may drop on your door-mat. Do with it what you will.:wink:

I’ll send cards to family, and to friends who I don’t see that often.

Instead of sending cards to all the people I work with, I’ve “sent” a chicken and a cockerel to somewhere in Africa, on their behalf. It saves me having to write all those cards, it gives everyone something to talk about round the coffee machine, and it’s probably a better use of the cash I’d have spent on cards.

That depends on who’s riding it. Believe me, my bike gets a good thrashing on a regular basis. On the track of course :stuck_out_tongue: