Cholesterol Special

Is anyone up for a lil’ride out this Sunday? (2nd Sept?)

By now, everyone must know the drill :slight_smile: Prolly a 8am start (to be confm’d). Pls be fuelled up

Meet at the rounderbout outside City Limits in Collier Row. From Romford the-long-a$$ way through the countryside to Finchingfield (…prolly).


The new clutch for my Ducati is on the dining room table, I’ll try to fit it tomo. I have made no progress with the front brake on the XR6 S/Moto, so that prolly wont be making an appearance :crying:

I’ve just been chatting to a regular on the ride about changing routes. He want to stay around the area we normally use cause he’s starting to know where the road goes! :hehe: I dunno what any attendees might think?

Not me sadly,I’m nights this week,out on the mean streets of the West End(Ok more like outside Bar Italia having a latte).I’ll be back soon hopefully.:smiley:

What about your m8 (his name will come back to me in a mo :unsure: )

Perry was his name,sadly he’s nights with me at the mo as well:smooooth:

Perry! Yes. I just came back to the pc all proud that I’d remembered summit and you done me…:doze:


thanks for invitation


illsee u there;)


AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH got company this saturday, I’ll see if I can wangle out of it though.


That’s what I meant :crying:

Well the Ducati now has a new clutch and the XR6 a new f/brake master cylinder from a CBR6 ( :cool: ) plus new pads. Now, do I take the XR and muller the new pads trying to keep up with the fast guys :w00t: or take the old 900ss? Decisions, decisions…

Just a reminder for any guys/gals that have’nt been on this run. We’ll have to pass through a few villages on our route. We like to keep both wheel on the ground and stick to the speed limits in these villages. We hope that if we treat the residents with a bit of respect, they’ll not complain to plod about us and plod wont be forced to setup speed traps/start the small number plate/noisy exhaust mallarky.

What happens outside the villages is another matter :hehe:


I’m coming. Also Red and one other confirmed. No from Mehmet! :slight_smile:

Good ride out today. But it was marred by another rider ending up in the weeds! He’s ok, but the bike will needing some £’s chucking at Ebay :crying:I’m convinced he needs to get himself to A & E to get checked out! In 1/2 hour he’s asked me the same questions 1/2 a dozen times or more? He said his head was spinning after the crash, but hadn’t hit his head. There no obvious marks on his lid?

Both brakes were snapped off in the spill so I rode his bike the last mile or so to Finchingfield. 2 hours later he doesn’t remember riding my bike at all!

I’m starting to think that a rethink is in order about the ride?

I just called our man. He cant even remember who he went out with! We’ve sent an Ambulance around to him cause he wont go to see the Doctor!

what time did you leave the pub as we had a ride out there for lunch today, but i didnt leave here till 12.30 think we were thereabout 2 ish. last min rideout sorry to hear about the off hope he is ok who ever he is.

I hope the mystery casualty is OK, he sounds a bit concussed eh?

I don’t know about Cholesterol Special, you should call it Catastrophe Special;):smiley:

I didn’t want to say who it was b4, I figured they’d tell you themself. Its Milo. He’s at the Hospital getting checked over. Hopefully they’ll keep him over night.

Is that the guy with the orange naked kwacker? z1000 or 750?

Hope he is OK

Get well soon mate:)