Cholesterol Special (Sunday 12th Breakfast Run)

The wife has given me shore leave. who’s up for a Breakfast Run? Not sure if you’ll need y’whellies?

Is that from the ace to Rykers cafe Mate?

Hell no! We be do’in it from the rounderbout outside City Limits in Collier Row, Romford. At the junction of Whalebone Lane North (A1112)/Collier Row Road.

8am we’re leaving, anyone one up for it, pls be fuelled and ready to roll at 8 sharp! We have a GSXR7.5, a Bandit, poss an RSV and summit’else plus 3 Supermoto’s! Well, 2 SM’s and a 900ss Ducati if I cant get the front brake on my moto sorted in time

Normally go to Finchingfield, but I’m gonna see if the gang wanna try Burnham-on-Crouch for a change? There some fast stuff for the big bikes and tighter twisty stuff for us girls on both routes

The rounderbout was starting to ressemble a bikepark this morn! Blinking good rideout…even tho we had another new guy down! What is it with GSXR6 riders?



DamnLooks like I missed a good one there!!!

Next time hopefully

Yeah was a gr8 ride. Al’tho you’ll see from the right hand side of the pict, I never got the f/brake sorted on my S/Moto.

David from across the street to me brought his SP1 He’s a first timer on the run. John who you met with the GSRX7.5 invited a couple guys. Red on a RSV Aprillia, who John did a ‘Bikesafe’ Gig with a couple weeks back and Memet, he lobbed his GSXR on the ride! (wot is it wi’these GSXR6 boyz? ) John met Memet at Hyside M/C’s? Memet’s bike went back wheel first into the pole hold the sharp bend sign. The impact bent the wheel rim about 1" both sides! (lucky it weren’t him that hit the pole!) Apart from that, he could have carried on riding it. The crash bobbins saved everything!

Memet wants us to take his CBR600RR-RR-RRR mounted 19yr old out to teach him to ride the lanes. I pointed’im at the EAMG. I dont want wanna be involved should the worst’appen

The other John with the KTM 950SM never set his clock cause the weatherman there’d be rain later I understand that it rained a bit in Romford, but we never saw a drop! His NASA spec weather forcast gizzmo must need to be recalibrated?

It was a shorter ride this week cause left later