Probably room for a suckling pig and a primus stove on the 750. 

No contest.

Both yawn Honda’'s but I like to ride when I want.

no. 1

Not ridden the NC750x but I did ride the NC700 and despite the narrow rev range I thoroughly enjoyed riding if. It was extremely simple and easy to ride and extremely practical. Far better bike than the RR.

Option 2 isn’t what I’d choose, it’s what I have chosen.

Drum roll… The result is a Martinicycle by an RBLR1000 to a rusting from the inside garage item.

Option 1.  I’d happily ride on as I can fit on  it and also make progress on it.  I took my CBF500 to a track day (slowest bike there) and proceeded to lap a 675 Street Triple… it is how you ride it that counts.

Thanks for the responses.  It interested me when I read it because it’s pretty much exactly the same choice I’m making.  For me it’s about either a simple all-rounder that’s cheap to run, which I won’t be too precious about, and will be happy to run it year round without seeing a bucket & sponge too often.  OR buy something which is more exciting, but even though I’d buy with the intention of using it every day, I know I’d very quickly get precious about and it would become a nice weather toy for days off work, in order to keep it mint.

Had the use of a sound, but tatty & high-mileage '13-plate GSXR-600 for the past few months which I’ve used through winter, but 99% of the time it’s no better than an NC750, Versys or whatever, is less comfortable, and more expensive to run.

That’s why I’m going for Option 1.  This week I’m going to decide between a '15-plate NC750X or a mint '10-plate XT660Z Tenere I’ve been offered.  Hope to get the bike start of March.

A CBR600RR you can ride every day. If that’s not an option then the NC. I’d rather have a decent bike all the time than a good one occasionally. Freedom on two wheels ‘n’ all…

If those are your options seriously consider the Versys 650.  Cracking bike, great fuel economy, but more fun than the NC750.

can easily say when i used to commute into london the quickest, most fun and easiest to filter bikes i used were my R1 and R6 - when the R1 got stolen i used the following bikes from the dealer i was working at - Cygnus 125 & Xmax250 scooter, MT03 (660 and FUN) FZ6, FZ1, XT660, bosses R1streetfighter and a used TDM and I have have ridden loads of other bikes round london and on the nice roads outside london and sports bike is the only bike i would choose for commuting and weekend riding.

But I’ve owned two honda’s and managed to blow them both up so I wouldnt choose the CBR!! R6 or GSXR750 if looking in that category.

Honda NC750X 


Kevsta, if the NC750 didn’t exist, it would be a Versys every time… or MAYBE an XT660Z Tenere!  But the lazy torque of the NC engine is quite appealing and it can shift much better than the previous NC700 model so it’s my bike of choice for the moment.  And the fact that the Versys doesn’t seem to wear particularly well, the NC seems far better built and better value.

Sean, can’t deny that a sportsbike would be King for filtering, but am 42 now and licence preservation is important as some of my work includes driving buses & HGVs.  Having had the use of a tatty GSXR since October, I’ve realised that in 24 yrs of being an ‘adult’, I still have the self-control of a 16 year old pizza delivery rider when it comes to using the throttle!    :wink:

The NC750’s not an all rounder, it’s the Prius of motorbikes. It’s designed for people who run fleets.

Choosing between the Tenere and the NC is an odd one…

The NC750's not an all rounder, it's the Prius of motorbikes. It's designed for people who run fleets.

Choosing between the Tenere and the NC is an odd one…

Big Red S
If you are planning on some off road fun then the XT660Z would be a good choice.  However the NC have 17" wheels and a better choice of road rubber.
The NC750's not an all rounder, it's the Prius of motorbikes. It's designed for people who run fleets.

Choosing between the Tenere and the NC is an odd one…

Big Red S
I don't see it like that... it seems to be the perfect all-rounder to me.  Having test ridden one, it's the kind of bike that works best for most people 99% of the time.  It's built for daily transportation and excels at that, it's not a buzzy, head down, arse-up, sunny weekend use, thief magnet.  Plus it's one of the top 10 sellers in Europe (counting the X, S & Integra models as one).  It's just in Britain that riders seem to be unable to overcome their preconceptions of what a 'real' motorbike should be like. 

A used XT660Z or Versys is what my budget requires, but the more consideration I give it, the more I think I’ll spend the extra and just go for the NC. 

I think it really depends on what riding you do. In London it seemed brilliant - all the torque was right where you wanted it and it’s nimble and light enough to make filtering really easy. But on faster roads I never really found a quick corner where it didn’t feel completely out of its depth. Perhaps mine just had really poor suspension? I don’t think there’s much dissent from the opinion that the NC is designed as a perfectly fine and adequate bike, but being something particularly pleasing to ride didn’t make it very far up the list of priorities. Like you say, it’s just built for daily transportation.

There’s a huge number of bikes that are neither sports bikes nor the Tenere or NC. I’m really not trying to convince you to not get the NC - it seems you’ve made your mind up already and it’s not as if I’ll be riding it - it just seems a really baffling choice to have ended up with.

Mmmm, At 42 this could be a sign that I’m turning into an old fart???    :frowning:

The salesman who I often speak to at the stealership keeps trying to flog me a 'Blade.  Maybe it’s time to say ‘F*** It’ and just buy something which is totally the opposite of what I really need      :slight_smile:

go test ride a vfr 800, it does what you need

You mean if you want a sole less and over complicated and expensive to service and poor mpg bike
Then that’s the bike for you