Here’s a Choices question I came across on a Vlog yesterday.

You can have ONE of the following:

1.  a Honda NC750X you can ride every day


2.  a CBR600RR that you can only use on weekends and holidays

WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?   (Stick purely to the question… Option 1 or 2 ?)

It’d have to be option 1 for me. I can’t remember the last time I got out for a ride at the weekend but the idea of going back to public transport doesn’t appeal to me at all.

The CBR600RR no question. Ride to live :slight_smile:

CBR 600r
Who said you can’t use it everyday

2 for me, I’d rather drive my car to work every day and have a weekend toy


NC750X  looks cool, must be fun to ride. 

I wouldn’t give a CBR600RR, or a 600 anything come to that,  house room :wink:

I’m not sure that I fully understand the question. Why on earth would you choose anything other than option #2?

1 every time

I always commute on a bike, but the thought of an NC750 bores me to tears. So I’m sort of staying the CBR. But then I’d be the most miserable commuter in the world.

NC750X without any doubt.  Comfort, ride any time. nuff said.

I bet even though most here have never ridden a nc750x come up with the its boring line . I may have not ridden one either but have ridden the nt700 aka The Dullsville and no it not may have the top end speed but ANYONE can ride them and they can still be pushed to the limits … have had them to point of toes scraping tarmac … exhaust and panniers likewise and still riding not as in accident stylee … so ride everyday and enjoy myself in the process .

The question is clearly posed by someone with a narrow view of what real motorcycling is about mind

What I’m saying is there’s a time and place for everything and a Honda NC750X is probably in the right place at the right time as a daily ride. Whereas the CBR600RR is neither in the right place or the right time at weekends or holidays and you know it.

I’m curious why Honda is only mentioned in option 1. Is it because the question is biased towards those of a lesser maturity? The poser, see what I did there, clearly favours option 2, ask any 7 year old :wink:

Makes riding to work fun on the CBRR and even better when you return home.
So option 2 for me with out a doubt.

all the time vs only weekends. 

Its gotta be number one - I ain’t going back to the tube by choice.

Can I change the bars/mirrors/height to get past the van mirrors?

Option 2 for me.

Again the commute. In order to ride at weekends and holidays I’d have to ditch the wife… Oh wait a sec … No the train commute would depress me. 1.

1 for sure. 750 all-rounder vs 600 single-minded? No contest. You can ride any bike hard and have fun.