chip & pin...hole?.

chip & pin…hole

be aware!.

I`ve heard about this, not good.

Thanks for the headsup Darryl!

Man…it just never ends, does it?

One scam…one blatant attempt at thievery after another. :frowning:

Cheers for that Darryl. I’ve had my card done once awhile back now i use it very carefully now!

after having both my cards cloned in the space of a week (thanks texaco, A13 Barking!!), for the third time in as many months, im not using my cards anymore. Feck it, ill go to the bank once a week and take out cash.

my friend has a chip and pin machine sent to him by his bank (natwest) for use with internet shopping, so im going to have a look at it to see if i can get one.

Chip and pin was a disaster from the word go!!!