Chinese scooter anyone?

Temperature very high after burnout? I believe that when i see it :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember guys, “Avoid the Accident!” :smiley:

Very good advice there. I always keep a relaxing moon when driving. There’s nothing worse than an impatient moon, it can lead to very bad things happening and your feng shui will go all wrong.

Yes I also keep a relaxing moon in my loosing clothes just in case I body touch the muffler.

I body touch the muffler once. The moon I scream and now only the sun I have.

and remember when driving catch hold of the steering bar by hands and DON’T operate it by hand,if else this is very dangers…

also dont set the scooter on fire (spark the vihecle) near dry grass or ti n der! dont want other things catching fire aswell :w00t: