Chinese levers, no horror stories but

I’ve heard some bikers have reservations about fitting cheap Chinese levers to their bikes because the metallurgy isn’t as stringent and the levers might snap.

Turns out, they should worry about OEM ones in the same way.

Oh. I should show my friend this article. He has such Yamaha :open_mouth:

I have a memory of fitting cheap anodised leavers to my R6 way back in the day. I slipped on some gravel in an inclined carpark about 60 miles from home, fell over to the right and the brake lever just pinged straight off at the knuckle on impact.

Of course what the smart thing to do at this point would have been to do is to call out the RAC and get towed home, but I was young and stupid, so rode home, using just the rear brake. That was the scariest 60 miles of my life. It was at night too. Learnt a lot about machine control though.

It might be stupid for me to admit on open forum doing something similar twenty-odd years ago after boiling off the fluid at a track day in Cadwell Park.

Hah, it’s okay, I’m sure everyone has a story involving an excess of enthusiasm and a lack of considered thought involving bikes!

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Thinking back in it, I can’t understand why I didn’t just ask around for someone with spare fluid to top it up. Plenty had taken their bikes to the track with fully equipped vans.

I guess I was just overwhelmed by my first track experience.

I have got no other choice. I have been looking for “reputable” levers for my L5 GSXR 750 but have not found one to date. There are loads for older versions.

I was thinking about the levers all day. I got one conclusion. Probably Honda motorcycles was better in XX century. Just look at these old school beasts Sometimes I want to change my GS on Honda… but I like my GS more :slightly_smiling_face: