Chief Constable banned for speeding

The former head of road policing at the Association of Chief Police Officers has been banned from driving for speeding, it has been reported.

Chief constable of South Yorkshire Police Meredydd Hughes was said to have been caught by a speed camera exceeding a 60 mph limit near Wrexham in May.

According to the BBC he was disqualified for 42 days and fined £350 by Wrexham Magistrates.

Mr Hughes, who has had strong views on speeding in the past, was not said to have been present at court and entered a guilty plea though his solicitor.

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said: ‘South Yorkshire Police will continue to focus, under the leadership of the chief constable, on the issues that concern the people of South Yorkshire and that is maintaining the reductions in all major categories of crime as reported yesterday.’

This isn’t the first time he’s been in court for this offence, the first time he hadn’t instructed a solicitor and asked for a delay so he could find one . . . like he wouldn’t know he needed one or where to find one.

He also didn’t have to appear in court in person, pleaded guilty by post. So Elad, if you don’t feel the need to attend on the day there’s obviously no reason to :wink: He was doing 90 in a 60 limit.

But at least they have finally seen sense and top plod are getting treated almost the same as anybody else. I just hope he has to get the bus to work each day rather than his official car.

Incidentally, he was one of the advocates of the “speed kills” mantra but in this case he was doing 90mph with his family in the car on a 60mph road . . . so he’s either incredibly stupid and risked the lives of his family or maybe he was just making good progress, on a good road in good conditions, just like the rest of us ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Good post there, glad to see he got done, would be interested to know his real thoughts about it…like you say, probably good roads, good conditions and just making progress…

He also already had 6 points ! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue: Just like the rest of us :slight_smile:

Wrexham is North Wales. Nuff said. Poor guy.

Ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha haaar

sorry I think its bad news for us all…he was driving at a speed that he though reasonable and it was clearly safe as no accident was caused…

It means they will be even more condescending and all mighty becuase they treat their own like everyone else…

I feel sorry for the guy and anyone else who is done for speeding, where speeding is the only crime…

sounds like another gordan brown to me


They had to ban him … he’s a tw@t and should be treated as one! He’s the same bloke that said bikers riding in the Welsh hills (I think it was there anyway) were spoiling his holiday. He’s a “speed kills obsessive nutter”. The guy behaves like a real self righteous idiot. Crucifixion’s too good for some people! … Did I say that? How much wine have I drunk this evening? Does this mean I’m an alcoholic? What do you mean yes? :D:D

Have another drink with me HAHA :smiley:

The magistrate should have ordered a swift group kicking by a load of bikers as punishment. :stuck_out_tongue:

he couldnt argue it because he is a director of the legal company that prosecute on behalf of most of the police forces.that would look terrible prosecuting their own director.he probably couldnt afford the costs awarded against him by the fleecing bstrds

awsome post! that deals with one idiot!

now for the guy that decided to paint our roads with sign after sign after sign in all the colours of the rainbow! not only does it put metal solid poles on every twist and turn but its plain distracting. Oh and we pay for them…

am thinking chain the bastuard half naked to one of them! right in sight of a gatso so every time some nutter speeds by the contabulary get greats shots of his attributes… :wink: