chicken strips anyone?

little bit envious tbh :blush: but skills none the less …i just need to find jap spec police crash bars for the viffer:Whistling:

yea, don’t forget risers and straight bars :wink:

Don’t forget the much larger rear sprocket and the fact it was all done in 1st gear.

Very impressive I have to say.

Who needs a knee down…

Very impressive control… :slight_smile:

How cares how they do it, its a reminder to myself that I must learn to rider my bike!:blush:

@ sneaky the ‘sofa’ would be well comfy for this :smiley:

Interesting. He’s deliberately leaning away from the turn to make the bike go down further, whereas most folk lean into the turn (or most of the way off the whole damn bike) to make the bike go down less…

very good. crash bars and all…


he’s throwing the bike down. this can be lots of fun :smiley: but can end in tears if pushed as hard as them:w00t:

Right. This is what I used to do on the S-Wing, although it wasnt deliberate - was before I learned to lean with the bike! Not sure I went down that low, but I did scrape the stand against the ground causing sparks!

great control!

i usually do this every moring before a rideout just to warm up the tyres :smiley: