Chelsea Bridge...heres where the fun begins! FRIDAY 17TH JUNE. Be There!

This is poached off another forum that im on. Its a blinding bunch and this was cracking last time out.

I know you guys love Chelsea Bridge so heres an opportunity to go that bit further. Credit for the original post goes to COXY aka The Creator.

Coxy wrote…

"Right after the very successful meet on the 20th May I plan to have another on 17th June 2005! Razz

But instead of going to Stockley Park/Docklands/Town I suggest we get outta town and have a mass rideout down to Brighton to scare the clubbers and drunkards by performing general tomfollery and sillyness along the promenade

Meet at 9pm, petrol station at bottom of bridge (you know the drill)

Then once we are all there head out of town and onto some nice twisties, roundies and open roads down to the seaside Smile

So who’s up for it Question Question Question Question Question "

So far we have 27 people :-

Pickled Onion
yellowgixer600 - ME!!!
mj jonesy
michael a
thai green grom

Hey fella, that sounds like a great idea, I’m up for it, as long as it’s not an obvious Police/accident trap!

Hi yellogixer600,

That sounds like fun, I’ll be up for that as well as MillieMonster and a couple of others.

Have you thought of a route yet?

Ah we will be fine. Jay…were all road legal right

As far as route goes ive no idea as its the first Brighton run ive done.
But the last ride with Coxy was a blinder. We were photographed by PB getting knee downs on the roundys so keep your eyes peeled for this months copy

Will post up more details as i get em but if you wanna check for yourselves click the link.

Im well looking forward to this. not had a proper ride out this year yet.

Is everyone meeting up at the Garage or are some of you meeting up on route?

Believe the garage is the most likely as well all definately be there by nine. If youve not been to Chelsea before id recommend that.

Awww shucks yellow thanks

As Yella says, more the merrier, route will prolly be onto A3 at Wandsworth, off at Surbiton along past Chessington onto Box Hill to stop for fuel, piss, drinks, regroup then going past Box Hill towards Dorking (straight on at roundie) onto A24, then left at A281 towards Horsham and follow that all the way down till it bears left and onto A23 for a bit into Brighton.

Got about 36 definites so far on

Have posted up on the Boxhill web site as well, may get a few from there. Is the meet definately in the garage? If anywhere else let me know and I will post that up as well.

Yep definite meet in petrol station at Chelsea Bridge and also stoppong at Texaco at bottom of Mickleham bends on way thru Box Hill (dunno what sort of time as we may stop near ewell for some roundabout surfing, theres some nice quiet new ones there for the virgins to GTKD!)

If you are talking about the Ewell roundabouts on a road called Horton Lane, watch out. Police patrols in area have been well stepped up thanks to us lot who live there and keep giving it large. I did a blitz down there one day on one of my noisy bikes for testing purposes and I landed up with a few peeps out watching me. Naffed off just in time as the old plod turned up. If it is that stretch, congrats to the guy who designed it, must have been a biker! Real shame I cant tag along but going to be driving to Silverstone for track day on Saturday. Have fun.

I would be up for this but im still running the Stealth in

Well the routes posted up so you know where they are going. Just meet up at the points along the way, sure there will be some that will be ok riding at run in speed.

Horton roundabouts - nice section of roundabouts; know them all well never seen the plod thou, will keep this in mind next time I visit.

Me and a couple of mates are up for this, more than likely meet you all at Boxhill, 1 SRAD, 1 Millie, 1 Kwaka and maybe 2 blades.

Pete, the bike’s don’t need running in, mine was up to err…mmm don’t want to incriminate myself, but let’s just say, it was up to big numbers the day I got it! Even if you’re conservative and run it in gradually, you’ll still be going at warp-speed, so no worries I’d have thought!

Dam fine set of round abouts and roads, was down there just the other night. Like Stan said, been lucky to never have seen the old bill down there.

No Prob COXY, you are, after all THE CREATOR

On a down hill note I may be shot here because for those that know. I damaged my bike at Silverstone and its needed some work…

Its been in the spray shop last week and am hoping for it to come back this week but im cutting damn fine! Also new panels are due, a new exhaust system, a peg, rear lever, a bar end and a front brake lever!!! All ordered, all not yet arrived! Bugger!

This may be a disaster as i suggested to you guys this run!!

But i shall do my upmost to be there! Death or Glory

If i make it…ill be the Yella one…


Check out the link to see the progress

( i gotta make it! I mean, its Chelsea!)

Bloody hell, is that a dink in the frame? I didn’t see that at Silverstone! Hrm, time for some touch-up paint and some carbon-covers I think!

A minor dink yeah. Its at bike Specialist repairer Sudden Impact in lovely Dagenham for the work. The frames more scuffed than dinked really. It looks worse than is it. Thankfully.

They are welding and then grinding it back, then sprayin the frame and tank. The panels are already new yella ones from an insurance job, a new friend never fitted em and turned their bike into a tracky, damned lucky! for me! So their good to go.

All i need is the bits to arrive and i should be in business, its all ordered!! Come on bits!

Refitting original bits for the mo, but will look hard at CRG later. I need originals in case i made a rash decision post work and flog it still…still musing on that one. Although i think its more likely a new 750 next year. There supposed to be nice. So some CRG bits will definately be appearing, its only money right? ha


Yep, that’s the ones, thanks for teh warning, I am sure 30 or so bikes parked up with a few doing sparky kneedown will definitley attract the attention of the local plod.

Maybe just a brief visit there before we head off to Texaco at Box Hill then onto Brighton.

Yellow - Hope the bits come in time…if not don’t worry, there will be others no doubt.

Seems we hve quit a few comig now, what th **** have i let myself in for


I’ll be the midget on the Tango Zed 1000

im up for this too!-let’s hope the weather is good!. i’ve just texted a few others too, so hopefully, another 4/5 more will be coming!.