Cheers to Macp, Chuffster, Puppy, Foxy et al

And everyone else I havent mentioned who helped me with my bike leathers post. Returned from Lagos this morning and went off straight away to get measured in MJK.

They were really helpful and professional and patient as I spent a minimum of 2 hours there.

Plus they appear a lot cheaper than BKS.

I told them that some chaps on London Bikers recommended me and they asked me whom to which I replied “Puppy and Chuffster”. Needless to say I got a few odd looks. I had to explain I hadnt met Chuffster or Puppy but had only asked for advice online.

So cheers all

Your welcome! How long before they are ready?

4 weeks absolute max!

BKS gave me a timescale of mid August

Result, know you’ll be really happy with them. I found their service exceptionally good and still can’t recommend enough.

Puppy would mean nothing to them, but guy cooper of aylesbury might just jog the old grey cells a bit as it’s prolly over five years they made mine.

Nice one! Looking fwd to seeing you in them

Guy Cooper… not the Guy Cooper mx rider?

I wish, even if I had just 0.0005 percent of his skills I would be very happy.