Check this woodwork.....Not your average......

These are good:D

That must take a lot of time and hard work. Respect to that artist.


those are awesome!

huge respect for the guy whos carved all that !!

personally i think he’s a bit of a plank…


Strewth that’s a bad one…yellow card Chenster!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet his dad is proud, a chip off the old block :stuck_out_tongue:

Great carvings :cool:

Hope he doesn’t light that stove!!!:wink:

very impressive!!!

Same guy (I think) did a Harley that was so good I wanted it. The only time I’ve ever wanted to own a Harley.*

Each is a shed load of work and, going by the Harley, he’s not making a fortune.

*I did see an import flat tracker once that I wanted, but getting it to a road legal commute was going to be tough and expensive.

A very talented chippy.

Bit wooden!!!

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I had a wooden bike once. It had wooden wheels, wooden brakes, wooden engine, wooden seat, wooden suspension.

It wooden work.