Cheapest CRG levers?

Anyone know the best place to get CRG levers?

intobikes have brake levers from £65 and folding clutch levers from £90. Seems resonable to me just seeing if anyone else has seen or knows of better prices.



get some pazzo’s £129.99 for a pair :smiley:

where do you get the pazzo mate? I am looking to change a few bits on the bike and new levers is one thing I need, some shorty ones.

FFS, 90 quid for a lever?

Why are these levers so popular? I realise the shorties are less likely to brake in a spill but std brembo levers have a break point near the end.

take a look around online, and shops such as Hein gEricke sell them for £129.99 for the pair :slight_smile:

Just looking for some Pazzos myself! :slight_smile:

Buy online here… or Speedycom Preformance is the UK distributor.

For CRG levers buy them from America. Pazzos wont get shipped to the UK from there, but CRG’s do, I got a set for £98 delivered for the CBR from an American ebay online store.

check the price of these :w00t:

i can get you all CRG or Pazzo levers with a discount???

give me a call (see sig) mon - fri 0900 - 1730 / sat 0900 - 1700

you got someone working there that rides a gilera runner?

OK Sean mate , will give you a shout soon.

I found these 2 sites that have them:

most standard clutch (and some brake levers on some bikes) dont have span adjusters. couldn’t do 2 finger clutch without switching 'em. shape for confort/grip is a bit better on the crg’s than the OEM ones on the R1 for me.oh, and they’re well bling innit :cool:have yet to see a race bike run the shorties myself

I got my CRGs from Faster by Design ( Great service and Danny’s a top bloke.


Thanks to Sean as I got my Pazzo levers and rear break pads from him, was also nice to deliver them at the ACE for me.

Cheers mate. Should probably stick this into the praise thread:):slight_smile: