Cheaper Insurance!

One of the new features for the site we’ve just launched is an insurance quote aggregator service. If you’ve not already had a look, then you could do a lot worse if your insurance is up for renewal soon!

A quote aggregator is something that takes down your insurance-relevant details and goes away and queries a load of the top insurance companies in the UK. The best quote for you is then shown at the end and you can even buy the policy right then and there. If you do this, you help support LB. If you don’t, then you’ve just found out how to get a cheaper premium.

Have a look:

We’ve also just published an article on how to ensure you get the best deal you can with insurance:

Tried to use it but it didn’t work! Put in all details with no hanging around, got told my quote had timed out.

Oh no! Try again ChoccieMuffin, it might have been a one-off problem. What browser are you using?

Nice work Jay

Nope, still says “time out”. Using IE 7.

Quote Time Out for me too - happens at home and here at work, both laptops using IE6 Sp2

Time’s me out too. Using Firefox.

Whoops! I made a mistake, it should all be fine now for those that had troubles. We basically had something setup wrong after a recent update.

Just quoted me £1100 more than I am paying now!

It halved the quotes I was getting for a K4 750 - definately useful for me!

Bingo! Obviously it’s not going to work for everybody, and it’s also a work in progress, so the ratio of good vs bad quotes should get better as time goes on. Are you in a position to renew Seademon?

Nope, it’s STILL time out.

Think I’ll just go to ebike…

Timing out for me too !

Jay - I’ve just renewed the insurance on my 125 last week but my test is booked for the 9th July so I’ll be upgrading after that, hopefully with 1 of the companies this came back with

Still waiting…

Sorted … very good ,going for it, many thanks