Cheap tyre pressure monitors

Bought one of these a few months ago. Battery lasts weeks, small and unobtrusive, easy to set up.

Left home this morning with the rear at 42psi, got a quarter mile to work and got the flashing light and beeping alarm that the pressure was 30. Turned around, rode back to my garage and it was at 20.

Without the monitor, I would’ve got a couple of miles from home before realising it was completely flat. Well worth the money.


Happy days, does what it says on the box. Interesting, full review please including do you have to remove the valve caps and monitor every couple of weeks to charge them? How does the monitor switch off? Can the monitor be powered by the mo’cycle battery and wired to a switched live?

We hope you physically checked the tyre before returning to the garage.

I presume it works by depressing the valve stem in the Schrader valve to release the air and monitoring its pressure as it escapes; itself then holding in the escaping air.

Are you sure it didn’t just leak?

Have you found a puncture?

The leak was audible, sharp stone.

No need to charge the valve caps, they transmit via BLE so will last ages.
Monitor switches off with a power button.
Charging cable for the monitor is magnetic to keep the unit waterproof. Full charge takes an hour or less so I’m not bothered about powering it permanently. It’d be akin to having a wristwatch on a constant charger.

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I’ve never bought from there before but see it coming up more frequently.

Have you had many experiences purchasing from Ali Express?

I order from that site several times a month.

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it also takes several months till items arrive

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I have only used AliExpress a few times for cheap bike things, but never had a problem with using them.

And I agree that delivery can be slow, though items are advertised as such, and I have had things arrive early. You would think it comes by boat, but if you look at the tracking it says it is flown, and just seems to spend a long time at the airports.