Cheap tracker for our bikes?

Morning all,

Just came across this site… they advertise a wallet tracker.

Could this be a cheap tracker for our bikes?

Just an idea…


Just saw the following:
It can only connect to your phone from 100 feet away!

I doubt it, from the brief description of how it works it seems to be a small transmitter that will have a very limited range, probably just inside a house. It seems to imply the phone will detect the signal too so it must be short range. On top of that it runs off two small batteries so the day you do lose your wallet you’ll probably find their dead!

Looks good to me, could hide it somewhere, suppose it depends on standby time etc and if you have to keep charging it could become a chore, but looks good for the price

Range is indeed very small…

Batteries do hold for two years though!

Love it! Might buy 2 or 3.

Shame about the range, would have been perfect.

Prob good to stick in your kids coat pocket when your out though.

hmmm i would probably invest in something that has a bigger range if you gonna get a tracker for the bike.

Have you read the customer feedback on it…sh*t:laugh:

Ah, just noticed too that there’s no GPS. Doh.

100 foot range, ideal if you lose your bike in the garage :hehe: