Cheap supermoto track days oop norf - well worth the trip!

I would love to go… but its so far and I don’t have a van :crazy:

You fellas missed out on a whole lot of fun!



That was a superb track video…best I’ve seen…very entertaining…superb camera angles, great soundtrack.

What camera did you use? What was the main tune playing all the way to the end??

What is the difference between Flids and Mongs? (Use to see this a lot on VD)



Wotcha Adam :wink:

Can’t answer any of your questions I’m afraid coz not my video - if you get yourself onto KTM Forum or seventeeninches you can ask him (HeinB)yourself :slight_smile:

Here’s the one he put together for the previous ‘Flidfest’ in June … (that’s Hein doing the burnouts btw).

Oh, flids and mongs - it’s a northern thing - warring tribes and all that, load of old nonsense :hehe:

You weren’t the guy that binned it into the air-bag then???


No - that was a fella (flid) known as Nobby. I did bin it a couple of times but not on that corner and not on camera fortunately!