Cheap self service tracker

Hi guys, I’m interested in getting a cheap little independent tracker. Not looking for anything hard wired in as I can’t warrant the cost for a bike that I don’t “think” will be stolen (09 Yamaha fz6).
However I’ve just moved back towards London and At least 2 of my new neighbours have told me to be careful as people have had motorbikes stolen around here.

Here are the two options I’m considering, they’re both battery powered and apparently last 5months on a charge on the cheaper one, 2 years on the more Expensive one.

Anybody got any experience with either of these?

Winnes GPS Tracker Anti Theft Tracker for Car Waterproof GPS Car Tracker With App Real Time Tracking Long Standby Tracker GPS TK905B

my 09 SV650 got stolen and I never thought someone would want to. Don’t fall into the same trap I did!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread though.

No experience of either but I’d check the size of the units to make sure you can fit it somewhere on the bike.

I do like the more expensive one it uses GSM as well. Most of the cheaper ones only use GPS, so if someone throws it into a fridge bye bye signal…

If you’ve anything solid to lock it to an Almax will better than a tracker. And like Sleeper said the thieving element will take anything. Chap from here had his crash damaged held together with cable ties blade stolen.

People will steal anything. You know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about security. There’s a difference between hoping something won’t happen and the actual likelihood of something happening. Keep it locked up, out of sight, on the down-low, protected by a vicious guard dog and when all else fails, call the A-Team, I mean… use the tracker you fitted :slight_smile:

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The Monimoto gets good reviews, much cheaper than the other, and doesn’t drain you bike battery

Rewire do some decent GPS trackers.
Cheap, easy to fit, don’t flatten your battery and only £5 a month.
Easy to track the bike via their website too.

Cheers rusty, I’ll take a look at those ones too.

And yes, I guess I’m kidding myself. The chance of it being stolen is still at the forefront of my mind. Unfortunately nowhere to chain it to which causes me concern, right now I’ve got an Oxford boss disk lock alarm and cover it with a tatty old cover in the hope that makes it look less cared for :joy:.

The attraction of the tracker is the hope that the police will catch the b*****s.

If you struggle to chain to something like a lamppost - I have chained to car wheels (Where I know the owner obv) and drains too (Can be fiddly and only with a small chain)

Last resort is to chain the 2 bike wheels together - means someone can’t wheel it away (though they can carry it)

An idea crosses my mind. Wonder if it would be possible to remove a kerbstone, cast a new one with an exposed piece of rebar or lock shackle and put it back in place?

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At that point it would be easier to drill the kerbstone and fit a ground anchor.

Using a proprietary anchor would raise eyebrows and probably result in removal, but if you were able to shape some rebar into a loop, as in your suggestion, that could be anchored with chemical fixings and it would just be an anonymous looking rusty loop, likely to be overlooked.

An SDS drill would make the required two holes in seconds.

Trackers wont stop them from stealing. Yes you will be able to see on your phone as your bike drives away on a google map :wink: but thats that. Its not like police will start a massive chase up either… When l lived in east London my bike had two massive chains, one looped to the lamp post - literally bought 2m one on ebay to reach it and a disc lock. oh and you know what else ? fake tracker sticker lol with reg number and all that jazz. thats worked;) *touch wood

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This is a fair point, I’ve seen this successful and the stupidly overzealous checks the high end ones make you jump through as well.

If nothing, this will help for those plebs just doing it for fun (only reason I got mine back no tracker though)

I think I’d be willing to drop in at £180 then £3 a month.

unfortunately theres litterally nowhere to chain to at all. Its parked on the front garden, i might approach my landlord with laying some paving slabs and getting an anchor fitted. surely that will add a unique little selling point to his next prospective tenants?! is what ill say haha

seems not a lot will stop them stealing if they want it, i watched a video on youtube where somebody used a cheap ebay tracker like the cheapo one i listed, and he managed to get his bike back, it was already chopped up ready to sell for parts and it led the police to a massive operation where they seized lots of stolen bikes, so for me… if my bike does go missing and a similar scenario plays out off the back of my cheap tracker, ill feel pretty good.

Is there a method to placing a ground anchor in soil, perhaps by digging down and pouring cement? would that work… i’ve got no idea.

I’d give something like this a shot. Doesn’t look like it’d be easy to remove especially with a chain through it restricting movement.
Used to be Thatcham approved

I had this problem once, solution, old oil barrel, filled with cement with pvc pipe running through bottom third, & sealed before slowly filling With cement weighs over 100kg and pipe allows chain to be passed through. Haven’t got any pics but can draw a pic if it makes more sense