Cheap Sat Nav option

Hello all, bought a Garmin Quest off Amazon - £75 - handlebar bracket £9.50 - Garmin Cradle £8.50 and voice lead £11 from GPS world.
Butchered a set of earphones ( only one channel needed ) - velcro’d into lid. Came preloaded with European City Navigator V6

All seems to work OK, just need to sort out the earplug situation, as with foam plugs in the voice directions are only just audible - might try half an ear plug next! But the on screen directions are pretty good. I’ve used it for the last couple of days and it works a treat - distance and time to next turn v useful.

Takes a little while to get your head round how it all works,(pdf manual downloads are easily found) and I had no mapsource CD so had to find a suitable one via a torrent download, but routes can still be planned and saved on the unit, waterproof and easily demounted, should be ideal for foreign jaunts.

If you don’t use a Sat nav system regularly or planning a Europe trip and don’t want to lash out fortunes I’d recommend it.