cheap one peice leathers in London?

Want to buy some cheap (bottom end of the price range) one piece leathers and not sure where to go. Missed the bloody BMF show as I thought it was this weekend!! doh! Any suggestions? Welling Heine Gericke just had the latest one piece at 499 and 599. Too much for my budget. George White looks like a big store from the MCN adverts but its a tedious trip via motorways from SE London. Any suggestions gratefully received
Thanks in advance

Check ebay, I got some leathers for 25 quid…

This will probably only serve to annoy you more, but I got a one piece suit, which isn’t bad, but slightly too large (only ever so slightly so actually useful, as it means I can stand up properly).

£90 at the BMF.

Local bike shop to me is selling one piece leathers for £199, but I do not vouch for their quality, one of them is an Akito in red though…

If you have not seen Alex’s leather then you might not understand why he got them for £25…:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know much about leathers, but last time I was at George White in Shorditch, I noticed they turned the basement in one of their outlet stores, so that might be worth checking out.

Thanks for the George White basement tip off. Not going down the ebay route as I want to try the things and make sure they fit. Have come across RST leathers which seem to be good quality but with out the show off cost of other well known Brands. Harpers in Forest Gate seem to stock them so I will go up there via GW in Hackney.
Thanks again

Well if you are going to Harpers in Forest Gate, that shop I mentioned is not far from there, Leytonstone High Road.

It is a pity that Rivetts has closed down as you could have tried in there too.

Just wondering if they have to be one peice.

Buying anything bottom of the range will generally be a false economy. If budget is tight maybe medium range two piece would fit the budget better and be better quality.

Try Steve at Essexbikerscentre - you can google him.

He always has a good collection and you will be surprised what you can get. I got a dainese set for under £350 BNWT!

Very nice fella too!!

J&S at Greenwich near the cutty sark? They have now got a decent online store too (coupon displayed on website gives you 10% off instore)

George white in slough have some Frank Thomas and spada(?) 1 pieces at 199… i believe they have an outlet in London somewhere