Cheap Motorbike Insurance Sites?

Can anyone recommend me any good websites for cheap motorbike insurance?? I’d appreciate it.


I’ve just done the insurance thing, I made a list and called them all in the order I thought would be most expensive, asking them to beat the best quote as I went. When I got to the bottom I went round again and settled with the best quote.
Note best is not always the cheapest, I discovered not many do breakdown or European cover if you want that. Others won’t let you take breakdown cover OFF if you try. I paid a little more but a much smaller excess.

I used ebike first (online only) then called Carole Nash, Bennetts, Motorcycle Direct (really helpful, knowledgeable girl on the end of the phone), MCE and H&R. Had Virgin and Simply on the list too but didn’t bother with them in the end. They were all within £100 so not a huge saving, but over £300 cheaper than the online quote Bennetts gave me.

Always best to call around! Doesn’t take that long, each quote took 10-12 minutes and settling on the winner was only 5 minutes.

I use Ebike, normally the cheapest and their breakdown cover is excellent. Used it twice and can’t complain.

bikesure were the cheapest for me this year - was with ebike last year, nothing wrong with them but they werent the cheapest. Bikesure is the bike division of adrian flux so you cant go far wrong.


Try CIA or swinton. both were very competitive for me. They’re brokers though, so you may find you get a better deal going directly. Shop around though.

Also try money saving as you get £20 cash back! find some of the cheapest quotes i’ve had, give them a go mate.

Cheers guys , I went through lexham with insurance who initially were with N.I.G But thats changed to something else , anyways got my 4 year no claim today but noticed there charging me 750 quid plus a extra 50 quid for breakdown cover , I was paying 535.00 Fully Comp yr before and then all of a sudden charging me a lot more , so I just need to find a better quote then.

i’m with NIG but this year has gone up to£440 from £375 last year:crazy: shopped around and found quinn direct £313 tpf&t:cool: the worst quote was £9999.00:w00t: from equity red star

did my quote with

Hey Maddog , I just been doing a bit of searching and found 2 good quotes so far ,

H+R Insurance - Insurance Quotation: £481.63

Compulsory Excess: £250.00

I just had a look at and come across this quote,

Quinn Direct - Insurance Quotation: £518.89

Compulsory Excess £150.00

Looking good so far :slight_smile:

last year my car insurance was with admiral so i went throu my car insurance to get a quote for the bike, they even based my no claim bonus for the car as a guide to get a price for the bike:cool: