Cheap minibus hire??? Suggestions please

Arranged for my 14 year old to have a paintball party next Saturday with 14 mates - it’s about 12 miles away.

Thought I’d hire a 15 seater Transit type minibus from Europcar ( which I’ve hired vans from at good rates in the past).

Trouble is when you put seats in a van the weekend hire goes up from about £80 to about £270… :w00t:

Okay I know the alternatives are booking a couple of people carrier minicabs (two journeys at least two cabs) But I;d like to avoid the hassel ( I will l be the only adult and it’ll mean sending one minicab full of kids off unsupervised plus I don’t fancy waiting in a windy,possibly wet field with all these kids if the cabs arrive late (or don’t turn up…or it finishes early ) for pickup.

Hiring a coach seems expensive too - I’d rather have the flexibility of driving meself.

Finally none of the other parents are able to help me out with a two way journey on a busy Saturday ( fair enough I don’t know the parents that well)

Any suggestions ???

try these

To be honest, if you are taking 14 kids, I would personally want to have some contact with each and every kids parent - at least having their phone number and so on - in case of emergency. So - send out “invitations” asking for contact details and on that put a note that you would appreciate a couple of people to help with car duties - chances are you are bound to get some help that way - and maybe some help with supervising a bunch of 14 year olds. You may be surprised that some aren’t as “obedient” as you expect - so some help would be a good idea anyway…

You’re a braver man than I

Gaffer tape, handcuffs, electric prods and a couple of tazers. Job done. :smiley:

Try here:

Weekend is £192, but you can pick up on Friday evening and drop off on Monday morning which is convenient.

15 kids in a bus sounds nuts to me but if you’re happy enough to drive then these guys are pretty cheap

If you hire on saturday morning, you don’t have to return it until sunday 8am and you get a key to the yard so you can drop it off at any time (at the wimbledon branch at least)

Kendall are excellent. I’ve used them 3 times for Vans. I love driving vans, I want to get one of my own one day.

Thanks all!

I’ll get calling:D