cheap leather CBR jackets??

anyone know of any websites that sell cheap replica honda CBR leather jackets with armour for less than 100 quid?

as the one ive got is getting a bit tatty and the zip is busted…when you zip it up,the zip teeth comes undone from the bottom up…so all i have to fasten it is the feckin press stud on the collar lol.

any recomendations would be greatly appreciated:cool:


£20 for a new zip luvvie;)
I have this jacket for sale also:D


thanks but no thanks…first of all it looks small and i dont like the repsol range.

cheers anyroad.

No worries, not something i like either but in the leather repairs line of business you tend to get all sorts of ugly stuff come in:w00t:

Maskes sense to get Wasp to do you a new zip though dunnit? From what i hear - she’s spot on

hmmmm 20 quid you say wasp? might have to give you a little bit of buisness:P where abouts are you?

I bet. I wouldn’t really want to handle Mad Dog’s naughty leather :w00t:

I’m down in Grays,Essex just past the m25 turn off :wink: if its to far for you i’m sure someone would bring it over for you we quite often get stuff passed on as we say and when it warms up a bit i collect/deliver to bm;)
Hey dreise i said ugly not smelly and covered in mud ooops no thats all the other ktm riders…we all know mad dog don’t like mud! lol :wink:

20 quid sounds like a bargain. Also, that repsol is uuugly hah.