Cheap Go Pro alternative

A guy on the BB forum has ordered, received and fitted these to his bike. He’s posted the vids on FB and tbh they’re surprisingly good quality.

sounds interesting. do you have a link to the videos?

Not unless you know what internetrickery is needed to grab a video from a FB feed?


yeah, they’re not accessible because of the group’s security settings.

Then I’ll have to buy one, and post my findings here :slight_smile:

I am very pleased with my SJ4000 Go Pro clone.

Mine was £70 including two spare batteries and it is fully compatible with all Go Pro mounts.

The quality is surprising for a £20 camera all this time ive been saving up for a gopro for my mtb now might aswell get this save myself a few quid :smiley:

At that price… ordered!

We should all order one and then all turn up on a Rixxy ride out just to piss him off :wink:

You have to catch him before you can film him :wink:

Very true! We’ll just strap several to your bike then :wink:

What you doing on the BB page !!! yours is a pretend one :smiley:

Just keeping tabs on the opposition :wink:

Now Its Aldis Turn

For that price, I would buy one only to cover my ass in case of accidents (assuming I don’t cause it)… And if it delivers good quality, even better!!

Let me know your impressions once you’ve tested it.

not hard as he needs fuel every 40 miles…

So i bought myslef the one for 20 quid and i have just recieved and now i dont know what kind of memory card it needs?! Can anyone help?

what does the manual say?

doesnt say what card to use but by the looks its a micro sd but dont want to order one to find out that its not micro sd so just wanted to ask maybe anyone knew what it is

Shame about the 440mAh battery… What what can you expect for £45