Cheap computer

Hope its OK to post this here…

Im in the market for a cheap desktop. The kind of thing that would do for its last job before getting thrown out. Its just to use at work for a part time researcher and would only be used to access the database (very simple MS Access database), emails and internet, nothing more really.

I can install MS Office, but it would need an OS, preferably XP.

Will check ebay etc of course, but wondered if any trusty LBers can help me out?:slight_smile:

i got a refurbished compaq from pcworld at the end of last year. think it was something like £200ish perfect for web browsing and simple stuff even okay for some photoshop. not had any problems with it so far. here is a link to what they have at the moment.


I’m getting rid of a couple of desktops. Drop me a pm for details if your interested.


presonaly i think these pc s are a bargain , 2 of my m8s bought em , and with a decent g card you can play games to .

I’ve bought a lot of kit off these people, never a problem.

Nice one. Thanks for the advice.