Cheap Computer with atching 17" monitor

got a HP Pavillion computer here that i havnt used in a while. I have tried it the other day and formatted it and its all working. It was running windows XP but after the format it went back to windows 98 i think, but easily upgradable.

The monitor is still in use so let me know a day before you wish to collect it, i think its 17".

Specs for the computer are:

Windows 98
256mb Ram
600mhz Processor

Its ok for a work computer or for the kids or something to do schoolwork on ect… Asking for £60 ono

Collection from SM5 area.


mate I will seriously be impressed if you get £60 for that I could not sell one on here for £45 when the case alone was worth £40 plus was 4x more powerful than yours.

none the less good luck

cheers mate, im only going by that price that a friend told me its roughly worth?? :unsure: