Cheap but nice hotels in central Paris?

Im looking to get a few nights around 5th Sept in Paris. It would be nice to stay around the Arc De Triumph area for sightseeing.

Will be staying with my GF for 2 nights…
Any ideas/links… :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Cheap but nice hotels in central Paris? If you find one let us know!!:slight_smile:

I always use the Ibis Hotels in Bastille when I’m in Paris, but then my sister lives there so it’s close to her.

Metro into center is quick and easy and the Bastille area is nice anyway with loads of good restaurants.

The two I use are Hotel Ibis Paris Bastille Opera and Hotel Ibis Paris Bastille Faubourg Saint Antoine.

Big plus point for both is they have secure underground parking.

I too believe they are a rarity: I once found a cheap hotel in Paris near one of the stations but it was sandwiched between 2 brothels so I won’t recommend it, particularly as the girls used to tout for business by flashing their breasts at prospective punters. Obviously, staying at the hotel, I had to pass often! :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for the Ibis chain although I’ve not used them in Paris. Good prices, clean accommodation, not too basic.

If you want something a little more luxurious I suggest you hang out on travel websites looking for a late deal as generally, good hotels in Paris are very expensive.

Last Minute

don’t stay there its DEAD.

Stay in Montmartre near the Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge.

the Ibis there is functional and ok value.

much livelier in the evenings and cosmopolitan.

Montmarche area is brilliant and it is easy enough to get to the other nice areas from there. I’ve spent a lot of time around that area and eaten in a few restuarants as well, good value for money and friendly enough.

You could camp!?

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hmmmm, obviously not going to the right places ;).

It’s one of the liveliest places at night if you know where to go and not full of tourists… which is nice.

Okay so it does get all the demonstrations & most of the riots, but they can be fun to watch.

I use this website for researching accommodation and areas i want to visit.

It has peoples reviews, photos and area information.

HTH :smiley:

i guess i meant i enjoyed the montmartre area much more than anywhere near the arc…

I often stay at the Hotel Neva on Rue Brey and the Hotel Cecilia on avenue MacMahon which are reasonable for the area but not exactly cheap (though you can get some good deals). Theres also a good restaurant opposite the Neva…

For properly cheap hotels look out for Formula 1, Ibis and Accor hotels but even these get pricey for what they are the more central you get.

Also don’t forget that Paris really is quite small (you can walk from north to south inside the perepherique in under 2 hours) and the metro / RER is great so if cost is the major issue try looking a bit further out.

Hope this helps