Cheap "Art" for sale

Bought this as an investment yesterday but decided it isn’t for me…Looking for offers around 6 million for it:)

If it sells I’m off down the local butchers…




However make sure the cleaner doesn’t come along and bin the lot thinking it is a pile of old sh*t :wink:

The effort you put in and your millions could be lost in seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the way the garlic just leaps out at you, signifying the whatever it is it is trying to signify!

i like the juxtaposition of the dijon mustard and the circuit board. it really sums up the essence of post modernism :wink:

It is the completeness of the onion, garlic bulb and the unopened jar of mustard set again the different mechanical parts which by themselves serve little purpose; whilst the onion, garlic and mustard have purpose as single components yet seek completeness with the aggregation of other components.

The setting is very romantic yet echo’s emptily of solitude, whilst there is a hint of hope.

Nope! You’ve missed the point completely…The garlic is NOT complete ( look again!):wink:

I like the shinys.:cool:

Barings are always fun, and feel nice.

You should so come and write the catalogues for the paintings at my place of work! :laugh:

I also missed the formality of the background and its synergy with the foreground subject.

But art is always a matter of context and perspective.

Thank you Mole; I think I spend too much time in art galleries trying not to look puzzled.

It’s a very nice table, you shouldn’t sell it on a whim…

£6 million, I reckon you could be selling yourself short, could be more like £15 million, especially if that’s an early 1996 circuit board, which are very rare :ermm:

Brian Sewell said that “Art is only art if a lot of over educated people like me say it is.”

Til he pronounces, can I file my opinion under “Quite nice composition, utter borrocks?”

(I’d still rather own that than any Damian H or Tracy E crap. Still not paying £6 mill. though.)

Don’t want to pay ??? …100 quids worth of new bearings in there:)

I`m in if I can sell my HBOS shares.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d put mine up as a surety on a loan from Lehman Brothers. But there’s no problem I’ve got it insured in Singapore. It’s so sound, even Fannie Mae are offering me a mortgage on the strength of it.

Don’t let them know it’s on 14 acres of swamp in Louisiana. I’m aiming to buy a Pietro Psaier work with the money.

Nice one, Pietro used to work in the Metal Box Factory till it closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps I’ll buy some Metal Box shares instead then. I’ve got a shed load of Reichmarks I’ve been looking for a home.

Do you think whistler will take those for his collage?

No but if you`re lucky his mother might.:cool:

That the one with the 'photo in the National?