hi all i want to upgrade to 600 but the only thing really holding me bk is insurance. what bikes r usually cheaper on insurance ???

I have a Honda Hornet 600 and insurance is about £400 (TPFT). In contract, a CBR600 will be about £800… I’ve also had quotes for R6’s, Ducati Monster, etc. Sports bikes seem to attract a higher premium because the rider is more likely to ride faster and they’re more attractive to thieves. Well, thats my theory.

Sv650 2003 new rider cost me 800 tpft same policy but for an old cbr600 2000+. The sv is called a sports tourer tge cbr is called a sports bike

gsx650f costs me around £350 TPFT kept in front garden

im paying £400 for fully comp on a cbr600f with a yrs no claims. think i got lucky due to a **** up on the insurance company’s system. “Falcon Insurance”…dunno how good they are though

thanks allot all, i was really thinking about an sv so i will have to make some inquiries :slight_smile:

mmmm ride a litre bike and just renewed for 220 full comp. That said when I started riding it cost me a fortune and think my first litre bike cost me over a grand for a years fully comp.

Dont think its just down to the bike.

Ive got 2 years on the road 1 years no claims same bike £320 fully comp this year

Cheapest I found for my new 600RR was MCE through the bike Think it was about £1K. The next cheapest quote was 2K. The quotes for a 2001 CBR600F were similar. Some quotes are cheaper than others but it’s always expensive in the end.

ive got a years no claims and 3 year experience but being 19 kills me a bit. might be worth waiting till the 19th when its ma b-day :smiley:

Ah im 25 and started on the sv

just got a quote on a gsr 600 £254. might have to go 4 it :smiley:

find two companies and get them to bid against each other. I had a fault accident last year before my current insurance. The premium im on at the mo cost me 890 with lots of pointless options. I played h&r and bennetts off each other for my renewal and ive got my renewal quote down from 700 to 550, and i get lots of goodies. check bennetts out. That are snooking at the mo!

give Bennets a try…R6 09 1 years no claims for 850

Ah! the benefits of age.

CBR600F 1 yrs no claims £325 fully comp, past my test in March.

All about the post code lottery !!

It is postcode and the bike… 1 yrs no claims, 5yrs with licence.
The R6 is £683 fully comp, with MCE with VFR 400 on same policy at an extra £35. 3rd party would’ve been £250 there or there abouts!
They told me if they had based it on 5yrs no claims would’ve not made much difference. I shopped around and they all told me the same thing and most wouldn’t even insure the R6.

I’m 27 years old and I got my fazer600 insured for £230 by MCE, only had a full licence awhile. Got 4 years no claims though.

My cbr 600 f41 used to cost me 83 quid tpft, my bandit 12 was 165 quid(because my 6yrs no claims was used on cbr)

Now my husqy 610 costs me £80 tpft, 6 yes no claims, 6 points on license:D and I’m still under 30:D

I don’t think any insurance company would touch my 636 ninja in my avatar!! Can’t think why though??:stuck_out_tongue:

on the same bike ive got a quate for 2000 pounds and i am soon 19 wtf