ChasBikes - Praise

Yes, they failed the Daytona 900 on its MOT, rear caliper seized, but they were excellent in helping with other things.

So I have 10 days to get it all sorted. Rear pads were split, that is why it seized! The floating bit does not float and the pistons are a bit sticky, but not a huge issue to fix. I have red grease at home, so will bring some in to sort it.

New Galfer rear pads on order so will have them fitted by Monday I reckon, which gives me time to sort out the sticky caliper.

I go to Chas Bikes quite regularly because they’re convenient, opening as they do on a Sunday, and always find them to be really good. I was surprised to read Lozzaroo’s post about them getting bad reviews. Just goes to show you can’t always believe what you read on the 'net!!


They are a bit gruff, but they have seen it all and don’t have time for bullshit. They were laid back, but thorough. I’d rather be failed than ride a bike that could be suspect. Caliper is off, pistons cleaned, regreased and back in. Need to get the arm out though as it is seized solid. Will take to a friend for that.

I ended up sorting that caliper myself. Took bike back to Chasbikes for retest. Straight through, no issues at all. Very pleased with the result! No advisories either.