Charley is the man

Charley fitted my new Tom Tom Rider today, also a cig lighter under my seat - and Charlie has done an amazing job, stunningly proffessional and top notch - all for a really reasonable price - if you want any electrics or gps sorted - go and see Charley - I can’t recommend him enough.

(does that get me a discount now Charley!)

I do my own , but Wiggy also fits stuff. Not yet had the pleasure of meeting Charlie maybe he can discuss waterproof fittings for my baby tomorrow.

Here is a question charly…im gonna get an inforad system - thegps camera detector…can the gps be wired to say a pda as well so that i only have one gps unit (n poss aerial) for navigation.

I basically want navigation and Visual camera detection

I got my TomTom Rider fitted today by Charlie as well, I was really impressed by the presentation of his gadjets and equipment he brought on his nice bike. He really did everything on a way that it should be done and treated my bike as it was his. I’m very pleased and recommend to you all. I actually took some photos which I shall place here tomorrow!

Thanks Charlie!

By the way: The price was great as well

A Cig Lighter under your seat !!!..go the full monty matt …

supa glue an Ashtray to ya tank !!

Like ya style !!!..


ahhh I don’t know what you’re all talking about - the bar mat is great (covers the bloody great big scratch in my tank) the real trick is getting the real ale pump installed next to the spirits optic.

Ahh well :slight_smile:

Charly - yeap I’ll pay ya now! he he

If u put the camera locations on say tom tom, it warn u as a poi doesnt it? as in its not as clear as the inforad system

Actually, having used it this morning… yes you load the speed camera locations in as POIs which mean that you can…

1 - decide which ones to show (30,40,50,60,70 or ‘others’)
2 - they show up on your map on your route as you’re driving

So, it’s actually works very well because you get a visual warning well before, then when your 400yards before one you get an audible warning and the speed of the camera actually flashes on the screen so you can see what the limit is - rather than paniking and not being able to see a road sign… that’s the only limitation with the inforoad system in my mind… no idea what the limit is… and you don’t get as much warning.


Charley? can u pm me price to have tom tom fitted? do you provide tom tom, or can you put me in direction of where to buy one? Sounds a brill idea for when im on a loan ride and just point the bike anywhere (usually ending up anywhere cos dont have tom tom!)

Wow… All sound pretty impressive… and bloody useful… Keep up the great work Charly…

I have used the inforad system before and it is very clear simply because its an led that changes colour so yes u dont know what the speed of the limit is but u do know if ure over the limit…

red mean ure entring a speed camera within the limit
flashin red means slow down ure entering a speed camera and ure 2 fast!
and green meen open the throttle!!

Matt would like to see ure system as i wont be able to hear the stuff through my lid…but i am thinking of sticking tom tom on my pda with the database and headphones and it should play mp3s with that and bluetooth with phone…in theory…

no probs - tap me on the shoulder this evening and I’ll show you.


would do if i was comming! Will have to be in june some time when were both at cubana/ace…

I would assume he would be. Although Charley could also be an abbreviation of Charlotte I suppose.

Last time I heard that was behind the bike sheds at school with a girl called Susan who I had high hopes of marrying.

I’ve since moved up to classier girls.


Mat! how are you doing with your TomTom? I have been just fidling with mine and love it! Now I can recieve phone calls through it and MSN as well! Got the all the gatsos on it and have my preferid routes already stored. I have been to work by a different way every day, lol

Yeah me to! It’s really cool - having a problem with my phone but that’s my phone’s fault not the Tom Tom - in fact you can read how I’m getting on here